Formed during the naughties when then world was becoming increasingly inward looking and fearful The Bent Legs came together to capture some of the mood and love of the time. Tunes banged out after midnight in the inner North. The drummer with a bung knee who would turn pale occasionally when the songs stopped. We kept playing late into the night, holding on, not knowing that all our lives were about to change.

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The Bent Legs are:
Craig Lawton: Vocals, Guitars, Programming.
Jay O’Neill: Vocals, Guitars
Niall Kennedy: Bass
Rob Martin: Drums

Thanks to Anna Lawton for vocals on “Protest Song” and assorted keyboard overdubs and to Peter Moore for the loan of his magnificent 12 string guitar.

Recorded by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland Studios (Melbourne), mixed by Jack Braglia at Vital Mastering (New York), mastered by Steve Smart at Studio 301 (Sydney).

All Songs written by Craig Lawton except for “Be Like Me” written by Craig Lawton, Jay O’Neill, Rob Martin and Niall Kennedy.

© Copyright – Craig Lawton / The Bent Legs (887516149153)